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Looking for a Hotel in Historic Havana or the Colonial section of Old Havana? Here is a complete list of hotels which are in Old Havana.


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The complete list of Old Havana Hotels below is a complete list of every Hotel in Old Havana Province. Immediate confirmation of all Hotels is assured if available right now.

List of All Hotels in Old Havana

2 Star Hotels Old Havana

Hostal Valencia

Hotel Caribbean

Hotel El Meson de la Flota

Hotel Lido

Palacio del Marqués de San Felipe


3 Star Hotels Old Havana

Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz

Hotel Deauville

Hotel Del Tejadillo

Hotel El Comendador

Hotel Lincoln

Hotel Los Frailes

Hotel Park View


4 Star Hotels Old Havana

Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Hotel Ambos Mundos

Hotel Armadores de Santander

Hotel Florida

Hotel Inglaterra

Hotel Marques de Prado Ameno

Hotel Palacio O’Farrill

Hotel Palacio San Miguel

Hotel Plaza

Hotel Raquel

Hotel Sevilla

Hotel Telegrafo


5 Star Hotels Old Havana

Hotel Parque Central

Hotel Santa Isabel

Hotel Saratoga

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