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At Havanatur, we have provided online bookings to Cuba for 100,000s of people since 1995 and are proud to be the oldest and most recognized source for online travel related services to Cuba. On our main booking website we continue to provide prepaid hotel bookings under slightly beneficial terms. However, this website was launched to specifically allow online hotel bookings to Cuba without prepayment.

Cuban Hotels

How does non-prepayment of Cuba Hotels work?

Much like the rest of the world, bookings are secured using a major credit card, however, like other worldwide destinations you have traveled to, we are now able to offer a transparent booking process of Cuban hotels where your credit card is taken as security only and, the final charge applied once you have checked into the hotel. There is no need to take the booking credit card to Cuba, as this is charged automatically after check-in and, no other formalities are required.

Cuba Secure Hotel Booking

Is my booking secure even if I don´t prepay?

Yes. Numerous companies will endeavor to obtain complete 100% payment of your hotel stay in Cuba; days, weeks or months in advance. Nevertheless, Cuban hotels, overall, do not require prepayment, unless you are paying at the reception without an advance booking. Consequently, the agents who require upfront payments are invariably retaining payment, not the hotels. Sometimes this is advantageous and sometimes not. We urge you to check our rates on this website before making a commitment elsewhere. If prepaying saves you money, then go-ahead and prepay, if it does not, then there’s simply no point in tying up your money for an identical booking. Again, YOU CHOOSE.

Rate Comparison Cuban Hotels

How does your rate comparison of Cuban hotels work?

The system provided on this website aggregates the prices of the same hotel/rooms from up to 50 sources. These include, but are not limited to:

• The hotel itself

• Major international hotel suppliers

• Cuba’s tourism ministry direct sales through Amadeus

• Hotelbeds global hotel system

The lowest rate is always shown first but, other suppliers may include no-cost extras you find attractive and which warrant the extra cost. The best part is YOU DECIDE. Either the lowest No-Frills rate or valuable extras you feel are worth the extra.

Cuba currencies

Can I pay my Cuban Hotel stay in my own currency?

Yes. We offer 16 major currencies. These are not just shown at payment check-out like other websites but, directly on the page, by selecting your currency at the top right of the page. All prices will then refresh into the currency you know and are comfortable with.

Local Assitance Cuba Hotel

How about local assistance in Cuba?

If you book only your hotel, on your booking confirmation it will include local numbers you can contact for assistance. If you decide to book other services with us at Havanatur then, of course, we will supply assistance for all the services you book, including: Cuba Car Rental, Excursions, Airport Transfers and VIP Arrival services.

cancel cuba booking

What if I need to cancel my Cuban Hotel Reservation?

Cancelling your booking is as simple as clicking here and selecting the supplier. Simply provide your booking code and select to cancel.

Car Hotel Flight Cuba

Can I get other services from you after I have booked my hotel?

Yes. Simply visit Havanatur and book all your other services separately. Whether these be; Flights to Cuba, Cuba Car Rental, Tours & Excursions and much more. All the vouchers will be sent to you in advance of your departure, meaning you are then free to enjoy your vacation instead of searching around for services locally, which can sometimes be both time-consuming and disappointing.

Cuba Chat

Can I contact you for travel help and advice before booking?

The easiest and fastest way to get help and advice concerning visiting Cuba is to click on our live chat button on this page. However, on you can also call our international call centers closest to where you live or email us.

20 years Havanatur

Why should I choose to book my trip to Cuba with you?

Quite simply, with over 20 year’s experience, we believe we have stood the test of time. We’ve seen; hurricanes, flight cancellations, missed flights, bereavements and just about every other scenario you can think of, and maybe some you couldn’t… We are here to help you in any way we can. Even if you don´t book with us, you’ll always get some free advice from us by clicking to chat with our agents. We are just glad to help!



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